Here, you'll find a link to a site dedicated to paintings that I am sure you'll enjoy. The outstanding artist holds up a mirror to society in which people like you and I can observe our daily life. I do believe that if Robert Doisneau, a very famous french photographer, were a painter, he would be called Jean-Luc Chossat. Modern society being, as it is, in a state of agitation, feel free to go to "Break on Colors":

Some music, videos in a brand new graphic concept on this site; just listen and fly (like Dumbo) ! The mixer DJGanesh is your pilote, with his éléphant's head which attract the Indian Techno Sound ; I'm sure now, there's a genious in this elephant-man !

If you are looking for reproductions or american painter dedicated books, then click on to the following site. You just need to enter the artist's name that you're looking for !